Allow Holistic Healing Clients to know You Through Your website

Your website can attract clients to your holistic healing office. Potential clients are using the internet to shop between you and everyone else in your profession so make your website a great place for them to find out about you and your practice. Your website is a great way potential clients visit your office without actually showing up, so make your website true to your office.

There are unfinished pages – If someone shopping around clicks on a link to tour your office and it is blank, then they’ll think you don’t pay attention to detail and won’t give you their business holistic shop. Yes, “coming soon” may keep them looking around on your site, but only if that is the only page unfinished. Hitting another page with “coming soon” or “under construction” will tell the shopper you aren’t ready for them and they really should go elsewhere. If you put “coming soon” you better be telling the truth and have that page finished within a week. Otherwise, you go right into the lack of attention to detail category and your business will be skipped over. If there is a link on your site and a potential client clicked on it… they want that information. Be sure to provide it for them.

Outdated information – If you have your staff listed on your website and someone calls your office and requests to speak with someone they found on the website, that employee better be working there or have just left very recently (within the past week. ) People don’t want to hear, “Oh she hasn’t worked here in 6 months! ” Also, any children’s ages, pets, and the like must be updated regularly if they are listed on your site. An updated website shows a new client that is trying to get information that you pay close attention to detail. Just think… a new client comes into your office and tries to get some rapport with you by saying, “I have two sons that are 3 and 5, too. ” When you respond with, “What? No, my boys are 6 and 8. ” Your client feels pretty silly. To defend themselves, they will do what humans do and inwardly blame you for not keeping your site up to date. Then your rapport goes down and you risk losing that client forever.

The same site as someone else in your area – It is easy to sign up for a website service that gives you a relatively generic site for your profession, filling in the blanks with your name and your office information. However, if a potential client is shopping around and leaves a site and then goes to your site and they are exactly alike, you could both lose that potential business. If you notice this is the case with your website when you search in the search engines, request from your website service provider (webmaster) that they change your background to differentiate you from your competition.

No personal feel – When you are in the service industry, people do business with people, not with businesses. Your website needs to express who you are as an individual so your potential clients can make that connection with you. This is why it is so important to always have your information up to date and to put as much relevant information about you, your staff and your office as you can on your site. Remember to build rapport, place pictures of you, your staff, and your office on your website where appropriate. Let those potential clients feel like they have been to your office a bunch of times and have a rapport with you the first time they physically enter your office.

It is easy to think that your website is done once you have it up, but do your business a huge marketing favor and review it regularly, at a minimum twice a month. Implement the changes you need to make immediately to set yourself apart from your competition. If you get stuck how to best utilize your website for your clients, ask those clients that found your office on the internet what they liked and didn’t like about your website. You can even survey your current clients about it.

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