The Haunted Sallie House

There are a lot of haunted houses everywhere over the world, and such structures really do spark the human imagination. For some people haunted houses are scientific anomalies which require scientific investigation, while others regard them as centers of paranormal activity that must be revered or even anticipated. Needs to be truth may be about haunted houses, it’s undeniable that many of them have distressing reputations.

Among the most infamous haunted houses in the world is the Sallie House. A lot of people in Atchison, Kansas believe that the Sallie house contains evil state of mind, while others believe that the entities within are only lost people seeking help. Despite people’s opinions about the matter, the Sallie House has become one of the most important attractions of Atchison, Kansas and has been the main topic of many TV documentaries.

This simple 19th century house originally got its name due to the haunting of a young daughter, who was later given the name “Sallie. inch The couple who owned the house believed that the young daughter was trying to warn them about the evil state of mind which dwelt within the house. Due to the numerous sightings of the young daughter, the haunted house became known to both local residents and researchers as “the Sallie House. inch Over the years however, the house begun to exhibit other hauntings besides that of the young daughter. These hauntings lead observers in conclusion that other entities may be inhabiting the house or perhaps some other force was at work within the area.

People have always wondered about the entities which occupy this house. Are they simple ghostly visitors, or are were they lost people trapped within the house? Were they looking for help or were they just nasty entities that seek to do harm on the house’s human occupants. This is not an easy question to answer, but for those who seek clues to the nature of the Sallie House, it’s important to look at its long and interesting history.

Bicycles of the Sallie House

The house that will later be known as the Sallie House was initially built in 1867. The land on which it was built on was purchased by one Michael C. Finney, who moved in regarding his family to start a new life. Finney had a wife, two sons and daughter, and the house always been in the ownership of the family prior to the death of Agnes and Charles Finney, both of whom were Finney’s descendants, in 1939 and 1947 respectively.

When the Agnes and Charles died, the house was hired out to various boarders. However, people never stayed long in the house and for whatever reason, there were few records on the people who stayed there. The only individual who appeared to accept the house’s unusual characteristics was one Ethel Anderson, who lived in the house prior to the early 90’s.

After Ethel Anderson, A2z tony and Debra Pickman moved into the Finney home, and that is when the Sallie House’s infamous reputation begun to become favorable. Aside from Sallie appearing to A2z tony and Debra, numerous attacks were also carried out on anyone who lived inside or investigate its mysteries.

A2z tony Pickman, for example, sustained several injuries back when he and his family owned the house in the early 90’s, while researchers who visited the house reported preserving minor injuries, such cuts and burns, throughout their stay. What’s most disturbing however, is the fact that researchers of house have lived with cuts and burns while gathering paranormal data from the house. Although such attacks are usually inclined to certain groups of people, it has lead a lot of people to think in the hostile nature of house and the possibility of demonic presence within its walls.

In addition to the attacks, visitors and witnesses also reported full bodied apparitions, flying objects, phantom furniture, sounds of strange animals, human voices and mysterious items appearing and evaporating at random points throughout the house.

In addition to experience accounts, a surprisingly great deal of Electronic Voice Phenomenon was also recorded of strange voices from men, women and children, not to mention strange smells emanating from various areas at home. These data is yet to be authenticated, but over the years a surprising amount of tales and ideas has leapt up about the nature and secrets of the Sallie House.

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