Ionic Hair Dryers?

Molecules contain negative and positive ions. Positive ions are not advisable as they make the hair appear extremely dull and frizzy. On contrary negative ions helps in eliminating frizz and changes the overall appearance of the dull hair. Best ion hair dryers are being manufactured by implementing modern technology in order to achieve good results. A modern ion hair dryer offer smoothness to the hair and makes it appear healthy and shiny. Similar effects can be achieved from all the branded ion hair dryers, if they are used according to the instructions specified in the manua

There are different types of ion hair dryers with new and improved technology. The implementation of ceramic technology has proved to be an advantage Professional hair dryer. Ceramic coil generates moist heat. Ceramic ion hair dryer evenly maintains the temperature. A negative ion is produced by anion and ceramic. It further helps in locking of hair color and repels against humidity. Silk molecules which are present in ceramic heat are gently penetrated in to the hair. Hair dryers which were originally manufactured with traditional technology created damage to dry hair due to the presence of copper coil. Positive energy was produced and moisture was infused in to the shaft. This in turn aggravated the problems to the customer.

Modern ion hair dryers emit negative ions in order to break down the molecules of water instead of boiling. Hair dries up faster and the time required for drying has also been reduced. Moisture in the hair is well balanced. Environment and health is well protected by far infrared heat. The level of electric magnetic field is reduced. Ion hair dryers have long lasting durability. Conventional hair dryers were not highly durable. All the retailers offer guarantee for a period of one year exactly from the purchasing date. Plastic and steel parts of the hair dryer are not provided with any guarantee. If the products are not handled with care they might be subjected to severe damages. Hair dryers are deemed as handy electrical devices used by many people nowadays. As a matter of fact, there are so many types of dryers to choose from. It is quite hard to distinguish the best quality models from the cheap ones. The best way to sort them out is by not relying on the attractive, elegant-looking model of hair dryer. You must opt for the good-quality features of the dryer instead. Then, check whether the features of the dryer are beneficial or not. The following are some handy tips to help you find the right dryer that matches your hair.

  1. If you are looking for the hair dryer with the best results, you have to purchase the one that generates large numbers of negative ions. Why negative ions are important? The negative ions have the ability to split up the water droplets and convert them into tiny particles that can be easily sucked up by the hair shaft. This way the hair will be hydrated. It will also help even out the cuticle which makes the hair look soft, glossy and healthy.
  2. In general, there are three types of dryers that can produce these ions. They are the ionic hair dyers, ceramic dryers, and tourmaline coated dryers. What makes them different from each other? Essentially the ionic hair dryers are specifically made to generate negative form of ions. On the other hand, the ceramic dryers are used by some people because of its capability to generate negative ions the moment they are heated. They also heat consistently and are known to be extremely antiseptic; while the tourmaline coated dryers have a special stone that produces many negative ions. However, these dryers with tourmaline coated components are very expensive compared to the other blow dryers.
  3. Moreover, there are other things you have to take into consideration to make sure that you get the best dryer for your hair. One essential factor that you have to look into is the size of the motor of the dryer particularly its wattage. Keep in mind that the motor is powerful when it has higher wattage. With this, it would be much faster for you to blow dry your hair. Most of the professional hair dryers that are available in the market contain wattage of approximately 1800 watts.
  4. Additionally, you also need to check the number of settings that the appliance have for its speed and heat. It is important to select the hair dryer that includes at least 2 settings meant for speed and another 2 settings designed for heat. The dryer must also include am easy push button to hem in the curls.

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