Marketing on 2014 Social Media Platforms – 4 Steps to Personalizing

Rising social media use and the decline of other mass media outlets are the marketing challenges of Social Media Platform 2014. Print circulation and television viewership has fallen by 50% since 2002. In contrast, social media has made huge gains and usage has increased by 800% over the past eight years (“The New Face of Marketing,” Yahoo! Business & Finance, Oct 2013).

How to Choose the Best Social Media for Your Business

Marketing on social media (SM) platforms involves interacting via social channels online with a goal of gaining website traffic or attention for your website. Thus ultimately, marketing with SM programs centers around your efforts to create content that encourages attention.

And you don’t need advanced skill sets to jump onboard the social wagon. You can access online media if you have internet access, a profile and a site. SM is a relatively inexpensive platform for companies to market and implement ad campaigns.

Create relevant and impactful marketing messages. Advertise on social media platforms that are cost-efficient and adaptable. Personalize social media marketing by using data triggered techniques. Scale your message to be personal but market to an audience of thousands. Look at user data, social profiles and tailor marketing messages for relevancy and effectiveness.

Ask readers to share your marketing messages and company info with friends and acquaintances. Provide a “like” button, ask for feedback, use surveys and questionnaires. Provide catchy links, banners, and tips and tricks to get your message across. Corporate and other messages spread from user to user and are trusted when advertised on social media sites. Likes and marketing messages come from someone you know versus a general corporate message. Social media marketing is the new word-of-mouth. See results in higher brand and company image recognition as well as more customers searching your website.

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