Recent reports clearly demonstrate that private security officers are in high demand right now in the state of California. However, before one can be employed in this sector, he or she ought to be both trained and in ownership of a state-certified security guard license, commonly referred to as guard card in California bodyguard companies London. The guard card ensures companies that their employees are competent to do the job. Being employed without a valid security guard card is definitely discouraged, as it might result in substantial penalties for both the employer and the employee.Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of Security Guards | Journal

The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) is the agency that regulates the licensing of private security guards in The state of California. They specify which requirements applicants have to meet before they are issued a permit to work as a security guard. The very first and most basic demand is that every candidate is at least 18 years of age. Zero exceptions are made on this rule and you will not be given a security guard card if you don’t meet the age requirement.

The next demand is to complete a Power to Arrest training program which covers the most crucial things you need to know before becoming a security guard. The training program takes up 8 hours and is required to be completed at one of California’s state-approved security guard training institutions. Upon completion of the 8-hour course, all guard card applicants are required to pass a multiple-choice exam.

California state law also requires security guards to be clear of any criminal convictions, therefore the next phase in the application process consists of proving to the BSIS that we possess a clean criminal background. This can be done by having our fingerprints documented in an electronic form and submitting them to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a criminal history verification. Please note that a $79 fee is applied for the criminal background investigation.

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