Homemade Halloween Tip – Make Your Own Jewellery

No one wants to show up at a Halloween party to find they are the umpteenth “sexy cat” to walk through the door. Avoid the pitfalls of store-bought costumes by making your own at home! With some basic jewellery making supplies, you can create the showpiece for many costumes. Retailers today offer a wide selection of wooden beads, glass beads, or even Pandora styled beads that you can use in your own homemade creations!

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Material Girl
The charm bracelets worn by Madonna and others in the 1980s are back buy gold in dubai ! Get your material girl look by stringing together metallic bracelet jewellery with several regularly spaced dangling charms.

Native American
While wooden beads give a necklace or set of earrings an “earthy” look, the Native Americans have used glass beads in their beadwork for hundreds of years – glass beads were one of the staple trade goods they bartered with the Europeans for since first contact. For an authentic look, use tiny beads in a repeating abstract geometric pattern. Don’t be afraid to mix both wooden beads and glass beads and to decorate not just jewellery, but accessories like shoes, jackets, and purses.

While the word “tribal” references the natives mentioned above, it’s more of a sensibility than an actual particular tribe. Wooden beads and glass beads in blacks, browns, and reds, arranged in high-contrast geometric patterns on jewellery characterize this style. Stone chip beads are also an excellent choice for this look.

The key to a good flapper necklace is length. For your jewellery making supplies, select one type of bead – black or white glass beads usually work best – and make a very long necklace. The necklace should hang all the way to your waist and should have weight and swing to it – since it will help you show of your shimmy, just like the shag on your flapper dress!

Choosing a gift for someone is not an easy task. And of course there are the people who are always difficult to buy for! What about that person who has everything, or the man in your life, or even the couple entering a civil partnership? Jewellery is special and unique. It is personal and useful as well. A nice watch or a bracelet make suitable presents with a little forethought. And it lasts longer than a bunch of flowers.

Women love new styles, in order to ring the changes. Some change their wardrobe collection almost every season. But not everyone can afford to do so and therefore I think that giving something that’s trendy but not too expensive is a good idea, because a funky piece of jewellery can update a classic outfit without too much cost. Sometimes a more suitable present is one that does not go out of fashion after a certain time, and in that case a good solution for this will be more conventional jewellery, e.g. silver and gold rather than plastic and wood. Jewellery can be passed down to your younger sister or your daughter sometime in the future. If she has a lot of jewellery, why not get her a jewellery box or a travel box?

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